"Squashed" | 'The Bachelor' S23 E4 Recap

On dates and in dim hotel rooms, the contenders separate themselves from the pack. There are now five or six people we just can't imagine Colton sending home. Will the infamously indecisive lead falter down the stretch? Plus: The pageant rivals resolve their conflict, and a luxury shopping trip raises tension in the house, just as the Bachelor gods intended.

3:00 They’re going to Singapore, AB

5:00 Tayshia one-on-one date - daytime

9:45 Tayshia one-on-one date - night time

12:45 Back at the house

15:00 Back on the date

16:15 Group date - daytime

19:00 Back at the house

19:45 Back on the date

22:45 Group date - night time

32:45 Caelynn one-on-one date - daytime

38:30 Caelynn one-on-one date - daytime

43:45 Cocktail hour

50:15 Rose Ceremony

51:30 Mailbag

58:30 Bach Bracket fantasy league update

1:00:15 Our top 4 Power Rankings

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