"The Many-Faced Demi" | 'The Bachelor' S23 E2 Recap

Though she can barely see over the microphone, Demi stands tall as one of the most formidable competitors in franchise history. Plus: Hannah B.’s day date debacle, new contenders emerge, old pageant wounds reopen, and apparently the vast majority of Bachelor viewers are now considered “cougars” ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


2:30 Colton’s video diary

3:45 First group date - daytime

17:15 Back at the house

17:45 First group date - nighttime

27:15 One-on-one date - daytime

28:30 Back at the house (Caelynn story)

31:30 Back on the date

34:00 One-on-one date - nighttime

36:15 Back at the house (Heather; group date card)

39:15 Back on the date apparently

40:00 Group date - daytime

46:45 Group date - nighttime

49:15 Back at the house (Hannah B.)

50:45 Group date rose

52:00 Cocktail party

59:00 Rose Ceremony

1:02:45 Mailbag - (773) 234-7794

1:12:45 Bach Bracket update

1:14:15 Our top 4’s

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