"Inside The Mind Of Jean Blanc" | 'The Bachelorette' S14 E4 Recap

In a matter of minutes, Jean Blanc went from middling pseudo-contender on an average season of The Bachelorette right to the forefront of the franchise's Mount Rushmore of breathtaking meltdowns. Plus: Garrett's big reveal (not *that*), Wills' empathy, and a dash of 'Proposal' talk.

1:45 Cocktail Party

3:00 David's alive!

4:30 Golden Jordan

7:15 Rose Ceremony

9:15 Garrett one-on-one date - daytime

10:00 Back at the house - Lincoln and other flat-earthers

12:45 Garrett one-on-one date - daytime and nighttime

19:45 Group date - daytime

23:00 Group date - nighttime

24:15 Jean Blanc's meltdown

32:45 Wills one-on-one date - daytime

34:15 Wills one-on-one date - nighttime

37:15 Rose Ceremony

41:15 Power Rankings

44:00 Rosebag mailbag

49:45 'The Proposal'

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