"Wag Of The Finger! (On Paper)" | 'The Bachelor' S22 E4 Recap

The follow-up to last week's dull episode was anything but: Krystal's ratcheted everything up a full notch, Bekah finally revealed what should have been obvious to Arie (she's pretty young, dude), and Seinne secured a one-on-one date with enough heartfelt moments for a nice Bachelorette highlight reel. Plus: A chaotic outdoorsy group date nearly takes a fatal turn.

Timestamps: Chris Harrison underdressed for Bachelor mansion (3:30); AB we gotta get to Lake Tahoe (5:00); Seinne one-on-one date - date (7:10); Group date card (11:45); Seinne one-on-one date - nighttime (12:35); Group date - daytime (18:00); Group date - nighttime (23:45); Back at the house (33:15); Bekah one-on-one date - daytime (33:35); Bekah one-on-one date - nighttime/age controversy (35:45); Cocktail Party (43:45); Rose Ceremony (45:05); General contender chatter (49:45); The Rosebag aka The Bouquet (51:30); Our terrible Final Four Picks (1:00:00)

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