"Rachel's Red Wedding" | 'The Bachelorette' S13 E6 Recap

The much-hyped second episode of this week's two-night "event" resulted in unprecedented carnage and set the stage for an inevitable group of hometowns. Rim and AB break it all down, because that's what they do.

Kenny and Lee two-on-one conclusion (3:45); Back at the house (10:00); Kenny and Rachel at the hotel (12:00); Back at the house (17:00); Rose Ceremony (18:00); Eric one-on-one (21:15); ::looks around:: Lotta white people left... (26:15); Group date daytime - viking stuff (29:15); Group date nighttime - Kenny's goodbye (33:00); Will one-on-one (43:00) Rose Ceremony (50:00); "Next time on 'The Bachelorette'... (56:15)

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