"The Showdown Continues (...And Continues)" | 'The Bachelorette' S13 E5 Recap

Rim and AB recap the first of a two-night "event," including Jack Stone's cringe-worthy one-on-one date, Will's strengths and weaknesses as an Olympic handball prospect, Kenny and Lee's heated two-on-one, and much more. PLUS: Some off-screen juice on Bryan.

Tail end of last week's group date (2:10); Jack Stone's disastrous one-on-one -- daytime (12:00); Lee, Will, and the mythical race card (17:15); Jack Stone's disastrous one-on-one - nighttime (21:45); Rose Ceremony (27:25); Bryan one-on-one - daytime (30:30); Big Ant and Eric (36:15); Bryan one-on-one - nighttime (40:00); Group date - daytime (43:45); Group date - nighttime (47:00); Kenny and Lee two-on-one (55:45); Are we okay with race-based story lines? (1:03:30); Off-screen extra: Bryan juice (1:07:45)

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