"Champagne Supernova" | 'The Bachelor' S24 E2 Recap

A seemingly frivolous conflict brought us one of the all-time great moments in cocktail party history this week, and as you can imagine, those events take up a good chunk of our recap. Plus: Residual Hannah B. fallout, a cutthroat catwalk group date, a few tips for Peter's bedside manner, and more. Thanks for listening.


1:00 "You're so genuine and real"

7:00 Hannah B. and Peter one-on-one time

15:00 Group date - night time

21:00 Cocktail party/Champagne-gate

46:00 Rose Ceremony

49:00 Group date - day time

1:00:00 Group date - night time

1:14:00 Mailbag

1:21:00 Power Rankings

1:28:00 Bach Bracket update

1:30:00 AB's Bachelor Headline of the Week

1:35:00 Off-screen contestant news

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