September Chat with UROCK Peeps

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September Chat with UROCK Peeps

This is the audio replay of the monthly Zoomy Zoom I do with my UROCK (Patreon) Peeps;

you can also watch the video here



Sensory Countdown (5 Sees, 4 Touches, 3 Sounds, 2 Smells, 1 Taste)


Hidden Brain Podcast w/Shankar Vedantam: Reframing Your Reality

Reframing Your Reality: Part 1 | Hidden Brain Media

Reframing Your Reality: Part 2 | Hidden Brain Media


Conference Wrap up (Project wrap up? Weekly wrap up?)

Ponder: What do I want to be thinking about as I leave?

Connect: Who do I feel called to connect with to discuss this more?

Act: What actions could I take to put some of these ideas into action?

Ponder: To me, By me, Thru me, As me

Resource Links

Four Stages of Spiritual Growth, buy Jenny Dsouze (May 17, 2021)

(includes a link to a 90 second summary directly from Beckwith himself: )

4 Stages of Consciousness, by Gwen Allison (May 14, 2020)

(the author of this article also unpacks the 4 stages in this 22 minute video: )

Conscious Leadership Group

applied these 4 stages to leadership and I really like some of what they developed:

PDF with overview and chart:

They also have a great 4-minute video summary:

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