August Peptalk w/UROCK Peeps

This is the audio replay of the monthly Zoomy Zoom I do with my UROCK (Patreon) Peeps;

you can also watch the video here.

Centering Activity

May ______ be healthy.

May ______ be safe.

May ______ be wise.

May ______ be at peace.

(start with May *I* be healthy, and then "my friends & family (loved ones), and then "my foes" and finally "May WE ALL be healthy, safe, wise, at peace."


Dropping the Struggle: Seven Ways to Love the Life You Have

by Roger Housden

(If we can get a handful of people interested in reading this together, we could make one of our early 2023 monthly Zooms an in depth discussion of the book?


It's OK. I'm here. I love you. We Got This.

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