April Peptalk w/UROCK Peeps

This is the audio replay of a monthly Zoomy Zoom I do with my UROCK (Patreon) Peeps; you can also watch the video here.

This month we explored a few helpful resources, and then unpacked five useful pieces of advice that helped me through some tough times.



darling one, by rev. anna blaedel, enfleshed.com



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Unlocking Us Podcast, March 9, 2022

Brené Brown & Karen Walrond on Accessing Joy & Finding Connection in the Midst of Struggle


1. How can I feel connected today?

2. How can I feel healthy today?

3. How can I feel purposeful today?


Five things really helping me right now:

1. PW: It's just a little thing

   CC: Little things add up: colander!

2.   PW: But, I already DID slow down!

   Inner Wise One: Slower, still.

3.   I don't like feeling this way.

   CC: There is value in not feeling good. Can you sit with it for a minute?

4.   PW: I don't know if I can handle it.

   CC: Uhm, you are handling it. You're here.

5.   PW: Once I get past this speed bump, then things should be better/smoother.

   Inner Wise One: There is no pain-free or problem-free life waiting for me, even though I deserve the idea of both.

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