The Broken Plate: The Obesity Epidemic

This week, in the third of this 12-part series on the Food Foundation’s annual Broken Plate report on the state of the nation's food system, we're talking about the UK’s obesity epidemic. 

Guest presenter, Dr. Saliha Mahmood Ahmed, MasterChef winner, gastroenterologist and author of The Sunday Times bestseller, The Kitchen Prescription sees the impact of obesity and overweight on her patients every day in her NHS clinic. With Kat Jenner from the Obesity Health Alliance, GP, Dr Pandora Frost, Mimi, one of the Food Foundation's Young Food Ambassadors and Hannah Brinsden, head of policy and advocacy at the Food Foundation, she explores one of this year’s Broken Plate report's key metrics, how the rising prevalence of obesity in children across England and Scotland, who are  living in the most deprived fifth of the population, is posing a serious threat to that vision.

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