RHLSTP 346 - Bob Mortimer

#346 RETRACTO! - After four years Richard has noticed a hubristic plaque at his local cricket pitch and is gunning for North Herts District Council - they will regret crossing him. His guest is a return of the number 1 RHLSTP guest and number 2 human being (after Michael Palin) Bob Mortimer. 

There’s so much fun including the benefits of coiling like a snake, the mystery of the tiny sink, retractable genitalia, the magic of having your heart touched, the wisdom that comes from a brush with death, an emergency joke book, why Bob is a fish who has been put back in the water, Bob’s part in Jarvis Cocker’s showdown with Michael Jackson and the Hells Angel Farmer who shagged his way to making Bob a comedian. And so much more.

I could not recommend Bob’s book more. It’s fabulous and magical. https://www.amazon.co.uk/And-Away/dp/B08ZYTGFMV

If you buy two books this year, why not make the other one Would You Rather? https://www.amazon.co.uk/Richard-Herrings-Would-You-Rather/dp/B09B186VZS/



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