RHLSTP 234 - Vic Reeves

#234 Little Tich's Shoes - RHLSTP returns to the Marlowe Theatre I’m Canterbury for the second week running and Rich is doing some of his topical material about St Augustine. His guest is the artist and musician Jim Moir aka Vic Reeves. 

They talk about the unique delights of being managed by Malcolm Hardee, how to improve the number 2 Ultravox hit, Vienna, how Morrissey turned nasty, how Vic unmasked Jack the Ripper, the ghost of Freddie Mercury, how only really good double acts have a psychic connection, the impoliteness of looking like you're going to die and then not dying and how an episode of Big Night Out is made in half an hour. Plus the importance of creating laughter in comedy, what Michael Collins saw on the dark side of the moon and the horrifying spectacle of the Top of the Pops audience.


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