RHLSTP Book Club 32 - Joe Tracini

RHLSTP Book Club 32 - Ten Things I Hate About Me - Richard chats with Joe Tracini about his book Ten Things I Hate About Me, a moving, funny and horrifying journey through his Borderline Personality Disorder, how online trolls have nothing on Mick, Joe’s internal voice who provides a negative director’s commentary on everything he does, Joe’s experience growing up not really understanding or liking other kids, how he sought solace in performance and magic, what led him to dance around in a child’s leotard, how far he was prepared to take a fake stomach ache to get off school and why he wrote a book about all this.

The book is fabulous.

Get it here https://www.amazon.co.uk/Ten-Things-Hate-About-Me/dp/B09KMCPMQK



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