RHLSTP Book Club 19 - Marianne Levy

RHLSTP Book Club 19 - Don’t Forget To Scream - Richard chats to journalist Marianne Levy about her new book of essays about motherhood, Don’t Forget To Scream. They discuss intrusive thoughts and the awful things they imagined happening to their own children, the way children destroy the parents’ identity, difficult birth stories, how parenting isn’t as innate as many might think and why it’s important that we talk openly and honestly about the whole horrifying process of having kids. Plus what was the mother duck thinking in the 5 little ducks nursery rhyme and why does Richard only find Emma Wiggle attractive when she is a Wiggle?

Buy Marianne's book here https://www.amazon.co.uk/Dont-Forget-Scream-Unspoken-Motherhood/dp/1474623662/ or wherever you buy your books



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