RHLSTP 431 - Zoe Lyons

#431 Sleeping Bag Vulva - Richard’s Valentine’s promises have turned to chocolatey crumbs, but never mind, his guest is a woman who built a bathroom from the laughter generated by animals- it’s Zoe Lyons. Zoe takes us through the downs and ups of her last few years including a full on midlife crisis, the loss of her hair, how lockdown led her to delivering vegetables when she was meant to be on TV, writing material to impress her therapist and how badly she coped when she split from her wife and the possibly foolhardy decision to run 100km (in one go). But it’s a very positive story, which you can see told in full in her brilliant new stand up tour Bald Ambition https://www.impatientproductionsuk.com/zoe-lyons-bald-ambition-tour. Plus one of the best ghost stories yet and how getting older and giving less of a toss is a positive thing (though also explains Brexit)

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