RHLSTP 410 - Bob Mortimer

#410 Saggy-Faced Satsuma - Richard has narrowly avoided a dinosaur based disaster, but never mind because a RHLSTP favourite is returning - the incomparable Bob Mortimer. They talk about holding dominion over the animals, whether questions are necessary in an interview, what prompted Bob to write his first novel and whether satsumas are the best small orange fruit, the adoration for Bob and Paul that the team behind Gone Fishing clearly have, why a double act of two nice men works, what it’s like being below average height, aspiring to watch TV, the treatment centre for phone addiction and how to take down coniferous trees. Also how many Bob Mortimers might there be out there and why his book imagines an alternate world for him?

Bob has also brought along his joke book for emergencies.

Buy Bob’s excellent book here - https://www.amazon.co.uk/Audible-The-Satsuma-Complex/dp/B0B5YBZP5J



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