RHLSTP 365 - Grainne Maguire

#365 Apology to Kris Marshall - In another Covid hit remote show, Richard is wondering if Boris Johnson will still be PM by the time this podcast is released (of course he will) and worried about new developments in his daughter’s new relationship. His guest is the actually not political comedian and writer Grainne Maguire. They talk about Grainne’s very entertaining new podcast, The Way They Were https://podcasts.apple.com/mt/podcast/the-way-they-were/id1598595577?uo=4, the power of discussing your worst moments, doing stand up for Gerry Adams, terrible things to say on a first date, trying to give a motivational speech to public school kids, a ghostly hangover cure, meeting Seth Meyers and why Grainne tweeted her menstrual cycle to Enda Kenny. 

Check out Grainne’s brilliantly frank newsletter here https://www.grainnemaguire.co.uk/

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