RETRO AIOTM (Series 1, Episode 8)

Back to 30th November 2009 for this exciting episode of AIOTM, with added adverts to raise money for the cast and other charity cases. Check out Rich on Twitch

AIOTM 8 and Richard's mental balance is about as good as Spike Milligan's after ten times as many Goon Shows, Emma has more tales of actresses shitting, Dan has had his child indoctrinated into the Catholic Church, and Christian has taken up acting. After a week of just watching Battlestar Galactica and playing Countdown will Richard have anything new to say, or will he rely on ever more ancient callbacks? And what's Scott Bakula up to after his week deep inside a short, fat, Somerset man? Oh grow up. Luckily the 9 year-old Herring comes to the rescue with tales of The Thriling Three and we're going to rip Andrew Collings a new arsehole (or "a hole" as he might insist on calling it). Him and anyone else we suspect of being a Cylon. Death to Tiny Tim!


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