RETRO AIOTM (Series 1, Episode 10)

It’s 14th December 2009 and the first decade of the 21st Century is coming to an end (unless you are a mathematical stickler) and just think how bad things were going to get in the next 10 years. Let’s look back at a more innocent time when we could be more grossly offensive. Check out my Twitch channel at

The final episode of AIOTM, but will it be the last ever? Rich is being haunted by ghosts of podcasts past and future and wondering if he has had a wonderful life. Dan is aiming for a Christmas number 1 and Emma is walking a marathon. Plus it's sold out, so there should be some sexy action or revealing of genital assemblages. And thank God that people are getting cathedrals slammed into their face and people are stealing our 8 and a half week old material. Will Andrew Collings finally be in the show? Of course he fracking won't! But every slightly successful character from the series will certainly be back!


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