Retro RHLSTP 64- Sarah Kendall

RETRO RHLSTP #64 - Sarah Kendall - Richard is amazed how a joke on Twitter now pretty much always gets taken at face value by someone, even if it's in an open letter to an 8 month-old baby. His guest is Nicole Kidman impersonator and fantastically thoughtful yet and puerile stand-up Sarah Kendall, fresh from her nomination for the big comedy award at the Fringe. They discuss the horrors of child birth, the redundancy of the hand job, growing up in New Newcastle, how audiences can sometimes laugh in the wrong way, the plot holes in Back To The Future, loads of stuff about cocks and vaginas (obviously), the inevitability of nuclear destruction, plus some surprisingly serious bits about the nature of being a stand-up. To be honest, most of the time we forgot that we weren't sitting in the lounge in our Edinburgh flat having the kind of conversations with one another that are totally unacceptable in the actual world. She's the best. Go and see her perform live. You're welcome.


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