Intelligent Speech Conference 2022: Rexy Panel

In June 2022, we were a keynote speaker at the online Intelligent Speech Conference, and also took part in a Rexy Panel, discussing podcasting with the Rex Factor format alongside Rob and Jamie from Totalus Rankium and Bry from Pontifacts. For today's episode, we're bringing you the Rexy Panel discussion, where the three podcasts have an informal chat about podcasting.

You can find out more about the Intelligent Speech conference at their website ( and if you'd be interested in attending next year and want to help make that possible, the Intelligent Speech Conference team are running a Kickstarter until 27 November 2022 in order to fund their work to make it the best possible user-experience:

We'll be back from a research break next week to start our review of the Six Wives of Henry VIII, beginning with a biography episode for Katherine of Aragon.

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