Get your clamshells on, you want to be wise to this tango. I'm talking L.A. CONFIDENTIAL. Dicks. Dames. The putrid smell of death under the porch of a sunny California bungalow. It's all here from the James Ellroy yarn. Guy Pearce and Russell Crowe flickering onscreen, Curtis Hanson behind the lens, it's gangbusters, kid. Heck, they gave the little gold man to Kim Basinger, and that was the year the Titanic sunk. But it's not all glitz and glamour, what with a certain fallen star in a leading role. Not to mention all the recent ink on no good cops and racism, and the complicity of Hollywood in whitewashing all their baloney. It all makes a two-bit wino podcaster's juice-soaked brain wonder, can ya even rewatch this thing?

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