In Bed with Tiernan Douieb

Comedian, writer, host of the brilliant Partly Political Broadcast, and children's comedian - and a fairly new dad - Tiernan Douieb is probably the perfect guest to get into bed with.

We're going to be talking about the northern lights, his travels with comedy, how children differ from adults in trying to make laugh, and why he puts a fried egg on his porridge (to which I don't think I can ever forgive him!).

If you don't know what So I Start A Revolution From My Bed is about, then have a listen and join in. It's a podcast about comfort and isolation. What can we do to keep ourselves in a good place when we may find ourselves cut off from the world? We'll be talking about a lot of favourites, such as films and comfort boxsets, as well as sights and smells, but we'll also be sifting through our guests' minds to explore the nice memories which provide some sense of solace.

This podcast is produced in support of the mental health charity The Calm Zone, if you need help please do seek out their website for advice or a web chat, and their helpline. If you listen to this podcast and you're able to spare a bit of change, please do consider donating to them - it all helps!

So I Start A Revolution From My Bed needs to thank producer Nicky Elson, as well as John Cross, artwork by Adam Richardson, and lovely music by the guys from Jitter Jazz.

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