So I Start A Revolution From My Bed

by Jason Reed
Right, let's have a big and fun chat about isolation and being housebound. Most of us will now know what it's like to be indoors and segregated from the outside world, and mental health obviously plays a crucial role, so what can we do to keep ourselves grounded? Jason here, I've been housebound with illness since the age of eight, and thirty years on, I like to think I have a gold medal in being housebound. Within my personal journey I've learnt a few coping mechanisms and 'mindfulness' techniques. In this podcast we're going to speak to comedians, authors, musicians, people from the disability world, and we're going to talk about... Favourite comfort film, favourite live event that you may look forward to, the place you go to in your mind to relax, your cerebral screensaver, and so much more; we're going to set the scene and make relaxing an event. In fact, I have too many questions, so let's get chatting! There are truly some fun and interesting things we can all do to wind down and keep chilled, and I hope to explore some of them with you. We're going to have a rather unique and intimate view of people's lives within four walls, so this could prove be rather interesting!

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