Active Depth Cameras w/ Jeff Powers (Cofounder Occipital, Arcturus Industries) - 101

Jeff Powers, Cofounder of Occipital and Arcturus Industries joins Azad to discuss active depth cameras, Apple's LiDAR, and his vision of the future of consumer volumetric reconstructions.

Topics discussed:
- The market for depth cameras in 2014 for consumers, developers.
- Why they focused on mobile-first with the Structure sensor.
- Google's Tango project not being adopted.
- Building a developer friendly ecosystem for 3rd party companies.
- A general Perceptual layer in software that can take any input.
- The economies of scale with new and niche hardware.
- Did Tesla pick the right choice with cameras vs LIDAR?
- Building the Room View 3D with Valve
- Interesting applications of the Index's dual cameras.
- VR eating up AR's use cases in the short term.