EMERGENCY LO-FI PODCAST! The aSalzburg and Battery edition

With tottering Theresa still reeling from the proper Tusking meted out to her Chequers proposals, Ian Dunt and Andrew Harrison meet up outside the British Library to discuss the fallout from Salzburg – which was strategically timed, of course, to miss our recording on Wednesday. They do it deliberately, we’re sure of it.

Plus, there’s a twist! The Prime Minister has announced a surprise press conference and Ian has to catch a train! Stay tuned for a post-presser phone call… and to find out if yet another day of turmoil leaves us exactly where we were.

As ever with our emergency lo-fi podcasts, sound quality on this short recording is variable. We've cut the harsher levels so it's probably OK for headphones but we advise listening on speakers if possible.

See you next Wednesday for a more considered take on this latest Brexit mess.


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