Neil Kinnock on How to Fight the Good Fight

Former Labour leader Neil Kinnock talks Westminster sleaze, Starmer’s fighting spirit and tussles with the ultra-left. He and the panel unpack the rot in Government and the decline in standards – which he suggests could undo Johnson in the long run. Neil also reflects on his own time heading up Labour, while addressing what the party needs to do now and for the future.

“Keir Starmer is not Kinnock, or John Smith, or Tony Blair. He is in fact Keir Starmer.” – Neil Kinnock

“I think that Keir was probably born mature.” – Neil Kinnock

“Keir is not a warrior but a consistent relentless fighter, and that’s why he’s a forensic lawyer. That’s why in his case, he says: ‘Don’t get mad, get even.’” – Neil Kinnock

“Labour leaders most of the time have to manage their parties to an extent that other party leaders don’t have to do.” – Neil Kinnock

“Compromise for a realistic political leader is like oxygen for human beings.” – Neil Kinnock

“If you live in the real world, as you must, a life without compromise is unlivable.” – Neil Kinnock

“It’s no good Labour leader’s whinging about mistreatment from the press.” – Neil Kinnock

"Labour has a galaxy of meaningful policies, but no overall mission.” – Neil Kinnock

"Blair's fall from esteem was almost Greek in dimension." – Neil Kinnock

"Elections are won and lost over years, not weeks." – Neil Kinnock
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