BONUS PODCAST: All We Want For Brexmas is EU - Live from Leicester Square Theatre

Deck the balls with Multi-level Regression and Post-stratification polling! Our penultimate live show of the year saw a full-panel turnout for a festive evening of the latest Brexit analysis, campaign horror stories, pre-election recrimination and the hellishly difficult Have I Got Brexit For You quiz. If you were there you can relive it. If not, you can pretend you were.

Hold tight for Naomi Smith, Dorian Lynskey, Ian Dunt, Ros Taylor, Nina Schick, Ingrid Oliver, Alex Andreou and Andrew Harrison in a special two-part live show of top quality discussion, poor quality jokes and audience questions at the end. We look at the election campaign and how the parties have fared, plus the state of populism and – as the political decade ends in farce and deception – a few Big Ideas that might make the 2020s more optimistic and tolerable than the 2010s. Gather the family!

Special thanks to Leicester Square Theatre for sound recording. Post-production by Alex Rees. Remainiacs is a Podmasters production.

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