Brexit Day: Not with a bong but a whimper

Our bloody but unbowed Brexit Day edition. As Britain slopes out of the EU like an embarrassed pub drunk, Leaver triumphalism is strangely muted. Is the Brexiters’ victory is beginning to feel a little hollow? Maybe the REAL Brexit was the enemies we made along the way. 
Plus, period of reflection latest! The Labour Party sets the “days since we decided Jeremy did everything right” clock back to zero. Why the trade talks will inevitably turn into a culture war too. What we Remainiacs have learned during this battle. Alex rouses the spirits. And a final addition to the Brexit Time Capsule. 
It’s a bad week. But we’ll be back in seven days time, and onwards for as long as you want us. 
“The country has run out of season finales. All politics has left now are the mid-season filler episodes.”
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