Apodcalypse Now: Remainiacs Live in London 17 Dec 2019

We got knocked down but we’ll get up again. Join the panel of REMAINIACS for our last live show of 2019 and our last full podcast of the decade – recorded onstage in London’s Leicester Square Theatre on Tuesday 17 December.

It’s election post-mortem time but there’s no room for misery. How did the Remain parties blow it so spectacularly? Was it really all down to Corbyn’s massive turn-off factor? Where should Remain’s tattered but unbowed legions put their energies now? And what awaits in the 2020s?

Plus our panel play one final round of popular party game Leave Or Remain? And there’s a special treat for listeners with the live debut of disco troupe ARTICLE 54, creators of The Hustle: A Brexit Disco Symphony – now streaming near you. 

That’s it for 2019 but we WILL be back in 2020, come hell, WAB or high water. Maybe we can’t stop Brexit any more but we can shine a light on what’s happening in a way the opposition parties seem constitutionally incapable of. As ever, your support is what keeps us going. We wish every listener and Patreon backer a happy Christmas and a hopeful new year. 

Presented by Dorian Lynskey with Ian Dunt, Ros Taylor and Alex Andreou. Post-production by Alex Rees. Many thanks to Jess and the whole Leicester Square Theatre team, and to Article 54: Rhodri Marsden, Susannah Henry, Sharron Fortnam, Mira Manga and Helene Bradley. Top photo: Emma Quinn. Remainiacs is a Podmasters production.

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