96: WELCOME TO FANTASY ISLAND plus our first Leaver guest, Oliver Norgrove

SPEED RELEASE TO KEEP UP WITH EVENTS: As Parliament delivers “a masterclass in cowardice” on the Withdrawal Bill and the May Government escapes into a world of pure imagination, Ros Taylor, Ian Dunt and new panelist Melissa Chemam convene to sift the wreckage of Amendment Day. If MPs don’t want No Deal, why did they rob themselves of the chance to prevent it? Why is May going to Brussels to ask questions the answers to which she knows are “no”? And what the hell happens next?

Plus we welcome our very first Leaver guest Oliver Norgrove to Remainiacs. How did leaving the EU mutate from a serious intellectual position into a destructive and unforgiving religion? When exactly did this Leave enthusiast lose faith in the cause? And how does someone from the other side of the fence think we can undo the damage done by the past two years? It’s a fascinating conversation.

“There’s going to be ire for the liars.”

This week’s podcast is presented by Ros Taylor with Nina Schick, Melissa Chemam and Ian Dunt. Audio production is by Alex Rees. Remainiacs is a Podmasters production.

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