95: SQUEAKY BREXIT TIME? Breaking down Plan B with special guest Steve Analyst

As Plan A arrives in its moustache and glasses, will May’s second attempt to get a deal through unbalance the Brexit Bus and if so, in which direction? Business intelligence expert and super-tweeter STEVE ANALYST joins us to see where the Undead Deal goes next, and explore the myriad amendments it’ll undergo next week. Who’s made the killer parliamentary move and who is the true Jedi Master of Parliament. Otherwise… roll on Plan C, then?

PLUS When is a compromise not a compromise? The ins and outs of citizens assemblies. Ingrid gets the People’s Vote jitters. Important lessons from the Brexit Underpants gnomes. Who’s been wearing treason’s clothes and copying its haircut? And how are YOU going to vote in the 2019 European Elections? Because you know what, you might have to…

“Whoever finally stops the May Deal will end up owning No Deal by default.”

This week’s podcast is presented by Dorian Lynskey with Ingrid OIiver and Alex Andreou. Audio production is by Alex Rees. Remainiacs is a Podmasters production.

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