92: NEW YEAR, NEW EU! The best and worst of 2018 – and our hopes for 2019

As Britain holds its breath for the Year of Decision, the Remainiacs panel convene to look back at the ups and downs of the year that’s just gone – and what we can look forward to for 2019. Gird yourself for the new year as Dorian Lynskey, Naomi Smith, Alex Andreou, Ian Dunt, Ingrid Oliver, Ros Taylor and producer Andrew Harrison look back (and forward) in anger… and each choose a song to energise all Remainers for the Final Battle ahead.

We recorded this show in two special sessions in December and as you’ll hear, events have “evolved” a bit. But hey, that’s podcasting. Listen closely for at least ONE 100% accurate prediction from Andrew… 

You can hear our panelists’ songs in full on Spotify here. (Alex’s exact choice wasn’t available so in the manner of Ocado we have substituted it). Normal podcasts resume next week. Hold tight, people. It’s going to be rough. But we are going to win this. 

Audio production by Sophie Black and the producer is Andrew Harrison. Remainiacs is a Podmasters production.

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