78: WILL POWER: What the People’s Vote March means. Plus special guest NICK COHEN of The Observer

THE MARCH THEY CAN’T IGNORE: In the wake of the epic 700,000-strong People’s Vote March we ask where next for the campaign for a Final Say referendum? And Observer columnist and Alpha Centrist Dad NICK COHEN joins us to talk over the long game in the Tories’ endless fratricidal war, why the Referendum provoked “the greatest outbreak of political lying in a hundred years,” Chris Grayling’s new career as a ferrymaster, and why the Brexit jihadis will “burn down the house for the sake of their idea.

Ingrid Oliver and Naomi Smith are your panelists while Dorian Lynskey is back from writing some book or other.

“Whatever you find hard to imagine, IMAGINE IT.” – Nick Cohen

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