77: Wargaming a #PeoplesVote: If we get the #FinalSay how do we win it?

Ahead of the People’s Vote March we ask: it’s all very well winning a chance to vote again but how do we carry the day? Who do we target, how do we campaign… and what happens if it’s a choice of Deal Or No Deal?

Plus: What does the impending fall of Speaker John Bercow mean for Parliament’s role in the Brexit “process”? Are the Met really dragging their feet on investigating the Leave campaign’s alleged cheating because of political pressure? And a surprise guest appearance from Pearse Smith of Our Future Our Choice Northern Ireland, telling us how the whole Brexit mess looks from the perspective of young people who have grown up with the Good Friday Agreement and don’t want to lose it just because Jacob Rees-Mogg thinks Armagh is a large wardrobe.

“If the UK is going to remain in a Customs Union, what was the point of this exercise?” – Nina Schick

This week’s REMAINIACS is produced and presented by Andrew Harrison with Ian Dunt, Nina Schick and Naomi Smith. Audio production: Sophie Black. Remainiacs is a Podmasters production.

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