75: #RemainerNow: Leavers who changed their minds. Plus FESTIVAL NEWS: Brexit Through The Gift Shop

This week we meet the most important people in the whole Brexit mess: the people who voted Leave, now regret it and are fighting hard for a #PeoplesVote. Emma Huckey and Hugh Norris of grassroots group Remainer Now join Alex, Naomi and Andrew for a stirring discussion of why they changed their minds – and their tips on how to persuade wavering Leavers over to our side of the fence. “How did I feel after the Referendum?” says Hugh. “I’d never felt so played in my life.”

Plus BREXIT THROUGH THE GIFT SHOP: What can Remainers do to make Theresa May’s Festival of Brexit Britain into the swimming success it so clearly deserves to be? (You can guess where this one goes). The shameful immigration clampdown and the upcoming trade climbdown. Unfortunately, Boris Johnson yet again. And a sad farewell to brilliant producer Jack Claramunt who is moving on to bigger things…

“Who books a marquee for a divorce?” 

This week’s REMAINIACS is produced and presented by Andrew Harrison with Naomi Smith and Alex Andreou. Audio production: Jack Claramunt. Remainiacs is a Podmasters production.

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