66: Dark ads, troll hunting and more with special guest STELLA CREASY – yes, it’s the Rebel MP

Special guest STELLA CREASY – Walthamstow MP, out-and-out Remainer and biggest* Wedding Present fan in the Commons – joins us in the week that the Government decided that its own contingency advice for No Deal was too alarming for the simple British public to see.

(* OK, only). 

In a wide-ranging chat with Stella we ask… How can we get Labour to make a stand against Brexit before it’s too late? Now that Vote Leave’s deceitful Facebook ads have been exposed, can Britain regulate its way out of the political nightmare of Dark Ads and social media vitriol? Is there a realistic route to a People’s Vote? And what’s going on with Walthamstow’s favourite son, Brian Harvey of East 17?

PLUS we welcome brand new regular NINA SCHICK – in-demand political journalist, Brexit specialist and German citizen – to the Remainiacs panel with her penetrating perspective from Berlin and beyond. Will Naomi steal the new kid’s dinner money? There’s only one way to find out…

This week’s REMAINIACS is presented by Andrew Harrison with Naomi Smith and Nina Shick. Audio production: Jack Claramunt. Remainiacs is a Podmasters production.

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