65: FOOD! ADEQUATE FOOD! Stockpile special plus Jason Arthur of FFS

This week on the podcast that David Campbell Bannerman MEP wants to see prosecuted for “extreme EU loyalty”… Does Britain have what it takes to live on a diet of nettle soup? Will people who never actually experienced WWII ever shut up about the “Blitz Spirit”? And how research shows that Leavers really are more aggressive online.

PLUS our special guest JASON ARTHUR of the youth anti-Brexit campaign FFS (For our Future’s Sake) comes in to explain what’s going on with The Young People, how to get lightly disguised Leaver Jeremy Corbyn to come out against Brexit… and how the Brexit nightmare will shape an entire generation’s political ideals for decades into the future.

“Can you imagine if we’d had wi-fi in the 1940s… and then the Luftwaffe knocked out the wi-fi?” 

HEATWAVE NOTE: We had to record this one with the windows open (it’s health and safety gone mad) so listen closely for passing aeroplanes, beeping taxis and people clattering up and down the stairs. Real radio, real talk.

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