Sleaze Latest: Two Jobs Good, One Job Bad

Vultures circle as the Owen Paterson scandal disintegrates into a circular Tory firing squad featuring Geoffrey Cox (hon. member for the Virgin Islands), vengeful whips, an absentee unmasked PM… and a collapsed Conservative poll lead. Plus COP26 winds down, we talk to PETER STOTT, author of Hot Air to find out how climate denial has morphed into a campaign to smear climate mitigation as “too costly”. And ARTHUR SNELL drops in to introduce our new sibling podcast Doomsday Watch, a deep dive into mammoth global threats that media and leaders are ignoring. 

“Being in power is not enough. They need to be in power with nobody looking over their shoulders. And now, everyone is looking over their shoulders.” – ALEX ANDREOU
“The Paterson story is so simple. Man took money. Government changed rules to get him off. Even the Mail could see it.” – NAOMI SMITH
“There’s an internal implosion going on in the Conservative Party – and it’s delightful to witness.” – ALEX ANDREOU 
“We need to stop talking about climate ‘sceptics’. They’re not sceptics. Scepticism is a tool of science. They’re deniers.” – PETER STOTT
“The Tories are terrified at this story that they’ve all got their noses in the trough because… they’ve all got their noses in the trough.” – ALEX ANDREOU

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