58: EMERGENCY LO-FI MINI-CAST! May breaks her word in Grieveous fashion

Why do they keep doing this to us? YET AGAIN major events occur immediately after we finished recording Remainiacs on Wednesday. So YET AGAIN we've recorded a quick-and-dirty response to events. On this minicast, panel regular NAOMI SMITH talks about Theresa May’s unprecedented bait-and-switch over the Withdrawal Bill with producer Andrew Harrison. Will Dominic Grieve and the Tory Rebels ever trust the Prime Minister’s word again?

This time we’re not recording in a pub or a park but in the echoey chambers of Best For Britain, so beware – sound quality is rough and ready and volume levels are unpredictable. We’ll be back next Friday with a properly-mixed show. In the meantime, just think of this episode as an ”unreleased demo”…


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