57: WITHDRAWAL PAINS: Have the Tory Rebels blown their shot?

On this week’s podcast, Guardian columnist and former Russia correspondent RAFAEL BEHR joins us to explain the mind-crushing complexity of Withdrawal Bill day. What happened, who won (if anyone) and where do we go from here? Did Theresa May play Dominic Grieve like a sucker? And if she did, can the Rebels come back at her in any meaningful way? (We recorded on Wednesday 13 before May “allegedly” went back on her word to Grieve regarding the Meaningful Vote. Update minicast coming soon).  

Plus: Inside the sleazy world of Arron Banks, Isabel Oakeshott and Andy Wigmore, a story featuring ACTUAL Moscow Gold! The looming clash between Imaginary Brexit and Real Brexit. And why the Tommy Robinson Gammon Riots in Whitehall are really, truly worrying. 

“Tory rebels need to stop acting like time is on their side. It’s not. It’s on the Brexiters’ side.”

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