56: Withdrawal warfare, Corbyn crunch time, oh and DOOMSDAY!!

This week on the Brexit podcast that’s so powerful the government schedules its bad news for Thursdays to make sure we miss it… Special guest JONN ELLEDGE of the New Statesman and Citymetric joins us to talk about how urbanisation relates to Brexit. Is the old “Remain metropolises vs Leave countryside” conundrum really nonsense? Is there a plan for infrastructure after Brexit? And more importantly, why does Jonn love propellerheaded Brexit wonk Dan Hannan so much? 

PLUS: What’s really behind Jeremy Corbyn’s massive turnaround regarding the single market? SEE YOU NEXT TUESDAY: Can the government get a proper day of debate on the Withdrawal Bill done in one day? (Spoiler: course it can’t). And why we might be living through a 1970s TV series called THE ARMAGEDDON SCENARIO. 

And marvel as we try to predict what major events we’ll miss this week because they happened after we finished recording – and totally miss the resignation of Paul Dacre AND Theresa May utterly duffing up David Davis over the customs backstop. Thanks Paul! Thanks Theresa and David!

“Trying to understand Labour’s Brexit policy is like learning Klingon. All that intellectual effort and then at the end of it, nobody can understand you.”

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