55: Angry Remainers, HUGO RIFKIND feels your pain

On this week’s Remainiacs, Times columnist and social media fighter-of-good-fights HUGO RIFKIND joins Dorian Lynskey and Ian Dunt for this week’s battle with the horrible Hydra that is Brexit.

This week: Why Leavers shouldn’t dare conscript the Irish abortion referendum into their arguments. Why Remain couldn’t win another referendum the same way Leave won the last one. Do Labour MPs really have anything to fear from their Leave voters? How would YOU mark what they’re insisting on calling “Brexit Day”? And Italy – clowns to the left of me, fascists to the right…

“Populism isn’t good at answers. It’s good at anger. But there comes a point where you can say to them, OK, you’re in charge now. What are YOU going to do?”

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