53: Do We Wanna Live Like Gammon People?

The Norway option, gammon wars and the plight of expats with DR MICHAELA BENSON of Goldsmiths University of London.

In the week when confusion continues to reign about the EEA option, Labour’s Brexit policy and what to do about customs, we talk to sociologist Dr Michaela Benson about how the endless uncertainty is affecting British citizens who live in the EU27.

Who are the BrExpats, apart from pensioners in Spain and DJs in Berlin? How nervous are they about the future? What, if anything, are governments doing to put their minds at rest? And why on earth are some of them still proud enthusiasts for Brexit?

Plus! Will centrist pin-up David Miliband’s transatlantic intervention move the dial? Has the penny finally dropped for Daniel Hannan? Do any remainers still think that Jeremy Corbyn is on their side? Is the Electoral Commission’s punishment of Leave.EU more than a slap on the wrist? Is calling red-faced Brexiters “gammon” racist? (No) And are we surprised by the UN rapporteur on racism’s findings that Britain has become a more hostile environment since the referendum? (Also no)

"Some UK citizens living overseas will probably lose their right to vote in both local and European elections - the idea of not being able to vote for anything anywhere is quite upsetting."

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