41: James O’Brien vs. the Brex-o-sphere

Last sane man on the airwaves and giant of Remain JAMES O’BRIEN of LBC joins us for possibly THE most epic interview we’ve yet had, in a special take-no-prisoners edition of Remainiacs. From BBC balance to Paul Dacre’s reign of terror over Tory ministers to Farage, Minford Madness and the DUP on Viagra, James puts it ALL to rights. Trust us, you don’t want to miss this one. 

Plus: The European Research Group’s latest punishment beating for Theresa May. Peace in Northern Ireland gets thrown on the Brexit bonfire. Can new anti-Brexit party Renew move the needle? Why a Ragged Army can beat an organised mass. And the weaponisation of complaint. 

This week’s moral: “Just because you’ve won the argument, it doesn’t mean you’re right."

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