40: Johnson’s tatty olive branch, McDonnell in wonderland, fun with tariffs!

This week on the podcast that know clarity from carrots: end-of-career music hall turn Boris Johnson “reaches out” to Remainers by telling us to shut up and agree with him. The Government re-re-re-relaunches its Brexit policy – again. Fish passports and foie gras. John McDonnell’s simple solutions to complicated problems. Plus: Tariffs! Tariffs! Tariffs! Why do they matter and what will Brexit do to them? And are the great villains of fiction LEAVE or REMAIN?

“If goods can’t cross borders, soldiers will.”

This week’s REMAINIACS is presented by Peter Collins with Naomi Smith, Ros Taylor and Ian Dunt. Studio production: Jack Claramunt. Producer: Andrew Harrison. Remainiacs is a Podmasters production.

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