37: AC Grayling on Brexit vs. Democracy

It’s a deep-thinking edition of Remainiacs as we welcome Prof AC GRAYLING – Philosopher, Master of the New College of the Humanities and intellectual engine-room of Remain – to examine what Brexit really means for British democracy. Can it be stopped? How? What has it done to Britain? And the Referendum dilemma: if the 2016 vote wasn’t truly democratic, can another referendum to fix it be democratic either?

PLUS: Jeremy Corbyn’s baby steps towards the Brexit policy his voters wants. The leaked impact assessment that shows how any flavour of Brexit will tank the economy. Theresa May’s poison chalice. And a surprise mystery guest.

Also it’s the last episode of Remainiacs for our producer Matt Hall, who is heading off to the world of Big Podcast. We’ll miss him and we know certain listeners will miss his “distinctive” laugh. Farewell, Matt…

This week’s REMAINIACS is presented by Peter Collins with Naomi Smith and Ian Dunt. Producers are Andrew Harrison and (for one last time) Matt Hall. Remainiacs is a Podmasters production.

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