36: The One With Matthew Parris

WE LOVE PARRIS IN THE SPRINGTIME… This week, noted Times and Spectator columnist and former Conservative MP MATTHEW PARRIS joins us for your weekly dose of Brexit badinage. Why do so many Tory MPs hate Boris Johnson? Is his ‘Bridge Over Bullshit Waters’ feasible? What’s life like when you’re a Remainiac Conservative? And why should we be glad and not angry that British democracy has become a provincial car boot sale?

PLUS More bawdy fun in long-running Westminster farce ‘Carry On Ukip’. We read Geert Mak’s Euro-travelogue ‘In Europe’ and Ian and Dorian prepare to appear on a special crossover episode with Bigmouth, the pop culture podcast. Why not subscribe at https:po.st/BGMitunes so you don’t miss it?

“The lunatics were always IN the asylum. Now they’ve taken over the asylum.” – Matthew Parris

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