Aloo Aloo Aloo, What’s Going on Keir, Then?

As Starmer goes bhuna or bust, we discuss his big gamble and the ongoing curry furore. Lib Dem MP Layla Moran joins us to discuss who’s pushing the story and whether Keir’s response was the right move? Plus, the panel unpacks the local elections, now the dust from the ballot boxes has settled. And, what are the big things we should be worried about from the Queen’s Speech?

“Johnson is a great asset for the Labour Party.” – Naomi Smith 

“What Keir Starmer is in fact doing is what I think most people would hope most politicians would do in this situation.” – Layla Moran 

“The Durham Police get to decide who gets to be leader and deputy leader of the Labour Party." – Ros Taylor

"The media mudslinging affects all politicians." – Layla Moran

"The government hasn't made new laws, just scrapped old ones." – Ros Taylor

"It's just 38 bills of awfulness." – Layla Moran

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